Deep in the Sicilian countryside, in front of the majestic Mount Etna, lies our residence, shaped to house travellers in love with Sicily, hikers attracted by nature, artists and academics (writers, musicians, poets, painters, sculptors, directors, actors and visitors passionate by literature and science).
Naca, word of Greek origin belonging to the Sicilian dialect, is the cradle.

Here you will find emblematic “cradles”, the Nake, to help you rediscover that old, invisible and essential umbilical link to mother earth, through the medium of a naturalistic sojourn devoted to the identification and recovery of the self, the story, the art.

DISCOVER the dawn’s golden lights; the charm of the sunset; the tone of the leaves; the energy of the Japanese garden; the smell of volcanic soil; by visiting archaeological sites on a stirring journey towards the identification of the individuality and the world’s history…

Nake is proud to welcome those international travellers who want to discover the warmth of an ancient and mysterious land: Sicily.